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About Us

About us

Rosemay Hotels company, founded with a visionary purpose, proudly acquired the distinguished Edwardian Period property in 2021. A meticulous plan was set in motion to restore this architectural gem, dating back to 1903, to its former glory. Nestled within the heart of Hayes town’s Church Road, the aim was nothing short of infusing the historic edifice with a blend of opulence and contemporary comfort.

Yousuf Ali, the esteemed Managing Director, expressed profound delight on behalf of the dedicated team. The aspiration is to assume a pivotal role in rejuvenating not only the intrinsic charm of this property but also contributing to the revitalisation of the entire Church Road in Hayes.

As dedicated stakeholders in the community, Rosemay Hotels takes pride in investing in the rich historical tapestry of the area. The significant decision to secure and modernise this venerable property reflects a commitment to preserving its storied past.

In relinquishing ownership, there is an optimistic hope that the Hotel, with its compelling history, has found caring and devoted new custodians who will continue the legacy by restoring it to its former splendour. Gratitude is extended to all who have been part of this transformative journey, with an enduring hope for the sustained prosperity and vibrancy of Hayes.

The lineage of Rosemay Hotels building can be traced back to 1903 when the establishment, originally known as ‘Hawthorns High School’ for boys, embarked on its journey. Notably, Eric Blair, later renowned as George Orwell, served as the Senior Master of this institution. The architectural facade along Church Road remains remarkably unchanged, preserving its symmetrical semi-detached structure and original features such as timber doors and windows.

During his tenure at Hawthorns High School For Boys, Eric Blair, writing under the pseudonym George Orwell, witnessed the publication of his inaugural novel, ‘Down and Out in Paris and London,” published by Victor Gollancz. The transformation of his name to George Orwell was inspired by Saint George and the River Orwell in Suffolk, a locale that was a favourite place for the author.

Today, the Rosemay Hotel stands as a testament to a rich and varied history. The property boasts 32 exquisitely appointed bedrooms, a charming coffee house, and a secluded private courtyard with an accompanying terrace, offering a haven of comfort and luxury in the heart of Hayes Town.

Behind our logo lies a captivating narrative. Yousuf Ali, the Managing Director of Rosemay Hotel, steered multiple hotel businesses alongside his mother, Rose. Yousuf found inspiration in her unwavering commitment to business and a nurturing spirit that instilled in him a profound appreciation for customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty in the dynamic realm of hospitality. In a touching tribute to his mother, he named the hotel after her, and the logo eloquently encapsulates these sentiments.

Close to Airport

Save the stress and worry of getting to the airport with the Rosemay Hotel, just minutes away from Heathrow. You can use bus 278 directly from Terminal 3 or the Elizabeth Line to Hayes and Harlington station.

Housekeeper Services

Our high-quality housekeeping team ensures that your room is clean and comfortable every day.

Wifi & Internet

Enjoy the latest high-speed fiber broadband throughout the building, allowing you to experience everything the online world has to offer.

Laundry Services

Our in-house team will wash, dry, and press your clothes upon request, ensuring you look pristine for any meeting or event.

Breakfast in Bed

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of having your favourite breakfast brought to your room along with your preferred hot drink to start the day.

Private Parking Space

As a guest at the Rosemay Hotel, you won't need to worry about finding a paid parking space.

Newly-renovated 4- Star Boutique Hotel located near to Heathrow Airport with direct access into Central London.

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