Fire Evacuation Policy


The safety and well-being of our guests and staff are of paramount importance at Rosemay Hotel. This Fire Evacuation Policy is designed to ensure a swift and organized response in the event of a fire, prioritizing the safety of everyone within the premises.

1. Fire Emergency Response Team:

1.1. Designation:

  • A dedicated Fire Emergency Response Team (ERT) is established, comprising trained personnel responsible for coordinating and executing fire evacuation procedures.

1.2. Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Members of the ERT are assigned specific roles, including evacuation coordination, communication, first aid response, and assembly point management.

2. Fire Evacuation Procedures:

2.1. Immediate Response:

  • Upon the detection of a fire or activation of fire alarms, staff members are trained to initiate immediate response procedures, including notifying the ERT and alerting guests.

2.2. Guest Notification:

  • In the event of a fire, guests will be notified through the hotel’s public address system and, if necessary, by staff members going door-to-door on each floor.

2.3. Evacuation Routes:

  • Clearly marked evacuation routes are posted on each floor, detailing the nearest exits and assembly points. Guests and staff are instructed to follow these routes calmly and quickly.

2.4. Stairwells:

  •  Stairwells are the designated means of egress, and all guests and staff are advised to use stairwells to exit the building.

3. Assembly Points:

3.1. Designated Areas:

  • Assembly points are established at safe distances from the building. Staff and guests are instructed to proceed to these designated areas to facilitate accountability and further instructions.

3.2. Roll Call:

  • Members of the ERT will conduct a roll call at the assembly points to ensure that all guests and staff are accounted for. Missing persons will be reported immediately to emergency services.

4. Emergency Services Coordination:

4.1. Contacting Emergency Services:

  • Once the ERT has confirmed the evacuation of all guests and staff, emergency services will be contacted to report the incident and provide information on the situation.

4.2. Cooperation with Emergency Services:

  • Rosemay Hotel staff will cooperate fully with emergency services, providing them with necessary information and access to the premises as required.

5. Training and Drills:

5.1. Regular Training:

  • Staff members undergo regular fire evacuation training sessions to familiarize themselves with procedures, evacuation routes, and the operation of firefighting equipment.

5.2. Emergency Drills:

  • Periodic fire evacuation drills are conducted to ensure that both staff and guests are familiar with the evacuation procedures and can respond effectively in an emergency.

6. Communication:

6.1. Communication Channels:

  • Communication during a fire emergency is facilitated through the public address system, trained staff members, and designated communication channels within the hotel.

6.2. Guest Information:

  • Guests are provided with information about the fire evacuation procedures upon check-in, and relevant details are also available in guest rooms.

7. Review and Updates:

7.1. Regular Reviews:

  • The Fire Evacuation Policy is subject to regular reviews to ensure its effectiveness. Updates are made as needed to address any changes in the hotel layout or emergency response protocols.

8. Contact Information:

8.1. Emergency Contacts:

  • In case of a fire emergency, guests and staff are advised to contact emergency services by dialling [999]. Additionally, hotel staff can be reached at hotel contact number.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to the Fire Evacuation Policy at Rosemay Hotel. We appreciate your commitment to ensuring the safety of all occupants.

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