Lost and Found Policy


Rosemay Hotel is committed to assisting guests in the recovery of lost items during their stay at our hotel. This Lost and Found Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for reporting, storing, and retrieving lost belongings.

1. Reporting Lost Items:

1.1. Guest Responsibility:

  • Guests who realize they have lost an item are encouraged to report it to the hotel as soon as possible.

1.2. Notification Channels:

  • Lost items can be reported to the hotel’s reception desk, or any hotel staff member. Additionally, guests may contact the Reception Desk directly.

2. Found Items:

2.1. Staff Training:

  • Hotel staff members are trained to identify and collect lost items found within the premises.

2.2. Centralised Storage:

  • Found items are securely stored in a centralized location, accessible only to authorized hotel staff.

3. Logging and Documentation:

3.1. Item Description:

  • Found items are logged and documented with details such as a description of the item, the location where it was found, and the date and time of discovery.

3.2. Guest Information:

  • If identifiable, information about the guest who lost the item, such as room number or name, is recorded.

4. Notification to Guests:

4.1. Contacting Guests:

  • When possible, guests will be promptly notified if a lost item with identifiable ownership is found.

4.2. Privacy:

  • Guest privacy is respected, and details about the lost item will not be disclosed to anyone other than the rightful owner.

5. Claiming Lost Items:

5.1. Proof of Ownership:

  • Guests claiming a lost item are required to provide proof of ownership, such as a description of the item, any unique characteristics, or a receipt.

5.2. Lost and Found Hours:

  • Guests may inquire about and claim lost items during the hotel’s designated Lost and Found hours, which will be communicated to them upon reporting the lost item.

6. Unclaimed Items:

6.1. Storage Duration:

  • Unclaimed items will be stored for a designated period, after which they may be disposed of or donated to charitable organisations.

6.2. High-Value Items:

  • High-value items, such as electronics or jewellery, will be securely stored for an extended period before any disposition.

7. Disposal and Donation:

7.1. Disposal Process:

  • Items of minimal value and those unclaimed within the specified period will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

7.2. Charitable Donations:

  • Usable items may be donated to charitable organisations, ensuring that they benefit those in need.

8. Liability:

8.1. Limited Liability:

  • Rosemay Hotel is not liable for the condition of lost items or for any items that may go missing during the process of recovery and storage.

9. Contact Information:

9.1. Lost and Found Department:

  • For inquiries or assistance related to lost items, guests are encouraged to contact the hotel’s reception desk.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our Lost and Found Policy. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

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