Complaint Resolution Policy

Our Commitment:

At Rosemay Hotel, guest satisfaction is our top priority. We value your feedback and are committed to resolving any concerns or complaints promptly and effectively. This Complaint Resolution Policy outlines our approach to addressing guest complaints.

1. Reporting Complaints:

1.1. Prompt Reporting:

  • Guests are encouraged to report any concerns or complaints promptly to the hotel’s front desk, guest services, or management.

1.2. Anonymous Complaints:

  • While we encourage guests to provide their contact information for follow-up, anonymous complaints will be treated with the same level of attention.

2.Reception Desk Assistance:

2.1. Immediate Assistance:

  • The reception desk staff is available 24/7 to address and assist with immediate concerns. Guests are encouraged to approach the front desk for prompt assistance.

2.2. Documentation:

  • Details of the complaint, including the nature of the issue, date, and time, will be documented by hotel staff for reference during the resolution process.

3. Initial Response:

3.1. Acknowledgment:

  • Upon receiving a complaint, the hotel will provide an acknowledgment to the guest, expressing gratitude for bringing the matter to our attention.

3.2. Timeline for Resolution:

  • The hotel aims to resolve complaints in a timely manner. A preliminary response, indicating the expected resolution timeline, will be provided to the guest.

4. Investigation:

4.1. Thorough Examination:

  • The hotel management will conduct a thorough investigation into the nature of the complaint. This may involve speaking with involved parties, reviewing documentation, or inspecting relevant areas.

4.2. Communication with Guest:

  • During the investigation, the guest will be kept informed of the progress and any additional information or clarification needed.

5. Resolution and Follow-Up:

5.1. Resolution Options:

  • Once the investigation is complete, the hotel will present resolution options to the guest. These may include compensation, corrective action, or other measures as deemed appropriate.

5.2. Follow-Up Communication:

  • Following the resolution, the hotel will communicate with the guest to ensure their satisfaction with the outcome. Any additional steps or adjustments will be considered based on guest feedback.

6. Escalation Process:

6.1. Unresolved Issues:

  • In the rare event that a complaint remains unresolved, guests may escalate the matter to higher management or contact relevant authorities as appropriate.

6.2. External Mediation:

  • If a resolution cannot be reached internally, the hotel may suggest external mediation services to facilitate a fair and impartial resolution.

7. Continuous Improvement:

7.1. Feedback Analysis:

  • All complaints and their resolutions are analysed to identify trends and areas for improvement. This feedback is crucial in enhancing our services and preventing future issues.

8. Contact Information:

8.1. Guest Services:

  • For inquiries or assistance related to the Complaint Resolution Policy, guests are encouraged to contact the hotel’s guest services at 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in following our Complaint Resolution Policy. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our guest services.

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