Welcome to the Rosebud Coffee Club, your enchanting retreat nestled within the heart of the Rosemay Hotel, just a stone’s throw away from Heathrow Airport.
Beyond being a mere coffee shop, the Rosebud Cafe is a haven for both wanderers and locals alike. Whether you’re embarking on an early morning adventure or seeking solace after a bustling day, our doors swing wide open, ushering you into a realm of exquisite gourmet coffees, an eclectic range of soothing teas, and an enticing array of other delectable beverages and snacks.
Embark on a Flavourful Journey to Start Your Day Right
At Rosebud Coffee Club, each sip is an odyssey. Our baristas, true artisans, meticulously craft every cup of coffee, ensuring a symphony of flavours and comforting warmth. The tea aficionados among you will revel in our selection, spanning from timeless classics to exotic blends, each with its own enchanting narrative. And for those with adventurous palates, our menu boasts a diverse collection of healthy beverages and snacks, promising to satisfy every craving.
Indulge in Comfort Food That Feels Like Home
Yet, we’re not just about drinks. Our thoughtfully curated food menu is a culinary embrace, offering everything from freshly baked pastries to heartwarming sandwiches—each bite a nostalgic reminder of home. Be it a swift snack or a leisurely meal, Rosebud Coffee Club is your culinary sanctuary.
Join the Exclusive Rosebud Coffee Club
For the coffee enthusiasts, rejoice! The Rosebud Coffee Club is your passport to an even more gratifying coffee experience. Collect stamps with each purchase and pave your way to a complimentary hot drink. Consider it our heartfelt appreciation for making us a cherished part of your daily routine.
Crafted With You in Mind
Understanding the diverse needs of our patrons, Rosebud Cafe is designed to cater to every mood and requirement. Craving a swift caffeine fix before takeoff? Our service is swift and efficient, ensuring you’re airborne in no time. Prefer a moment of repose? Our plush seating and high-speed WiFi create the ideal ambiance for work or leisure. And now, for the locals seeking a charming venue, Rosebud Coffee Club welcomes you for social gatherings, birthday parties, and family celebrations.
The Literary Haven
As an extra treat for book lovers, our premises house the George Orwell library. Book clubs can immerse themselves in captivating discussions over a cup of coffee, as the library is available for hire. It’s the perfect blend of literature and leisure in a cosy setting.
Embark on a Journey with Us
At Rosebud Coffee Club, each guest is treasured, and every visit unfolds as a unique experience. More than just a cafe, we’re a community—a place where memories take root, and stories find their voice. Whether you’re a traveler on the move, a local seeking a snug haven, or a book enthusiast looking for the perfect literary spot, step inside and discover the enchantment that is the Rosebud Coffee Club.
Opening Hours: To be announced
Location: Inside the Rosemay Hotel
We eagerly await the pleasure of your company!

Newly-renovated 4- Star Boutique Hotel located near to Heathrow Airport with direct access into Central London.

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